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Over the years I have worked with many clients that use QuickBooks and I am very proficient with it.  Clients routinely call me and ask for advice about how to navigate within the software or how to produce certain reports or make certain entries.
I encourage clients to involve me throughout the year to help them with their QuickBooks.
Being a CPA, I could choose from a number of different acounting softwares to use from my own accounting records. I chose QuickBooks and have used it for many years now. That's a testimonial that says something.  
If you are looking to buy QuickBooks or update your existing QuickBooks software you will get up to a 20% discount (plus free shipping) if you order it through my site. To order go to the "Services" heading, look under the "Bookkeeping" section and select, "Buy QuickBooks And Save". 
I would be pleased to help you select the version that would serve you best.

Let Me Do The Work

Want to free up time for you or your staff?
I also offer bookkeeping services for clients who just simply don't want to develop an expertise in accounting. I'm not one of those do-it-yourselfers when it comes to projects at homes. I much prefer to hire someone with expertise to do it correctly the first time.
For those of you who are not inclined toward DYI, kindly allow me to take care of your your bookkeeping needs. You'll stay current, your bank accounts reconciled and you'll know throughout the year how your business is doing.  Let me take that monkey off your back.

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