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As we all know, tax law is constantly changing. Congress continually tinkers with the Internal Revenue Code. The IRS adopts its position on various tax matters and issues based upon its own interpretation of the law. The Courts are forever having to sort out what the law really means and how it should be applied.  Court rulings in different districts are sometimes even in conflict. How does anyone know what the rules and planning opportunities are any more?

That's where I come in. My knowledge and experience in tax matters and my staying abreast of new developments and emerging issues can help you make sense of something that is constantly in motion.  In the process, I'll work tirelessly to identify and make sure that you take advantage of every tax-saving opportunity. 

My firm is involved in all areas of Federal and state tax return preparation for individuals, proprietorships, C-corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. I have the capability to prepare tax returns for every state whether they be business or non-business.

My purpose is to be sure that your tax returns are prepared accurately, timely and are a by-product of the tax planning process which should occur throughout the year. I am keenly aware that business and investment decisions are driven by the tax ramnifications they bear. I encourage clients to meet with me throughout the year so they can keep me apprised of events before they unfold and I may ask proactive questions of you.  That not only fosters client rapport but enables me to adjust your tax-planning strategies for changing events. 

Over the years, clients have found that my tax planning services have proven to be an effective cost/benefit to them.  In this environment of political turmoil, tax rates are likely to increase and tax law changes will escalate. All the more reason for tax planning and I'd be pleased to help you guide you through this maze.


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